The ARTIST TEEBO JoinOne Anti-Bullying Organization is seeking a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization status. The ARTIST TEEBO JoinOne Anti-Bullying Organization mission is to promote a sense of self confidence, individuality and protect those susceptible to insults, harassment, and attacks by their peers through music and education thereby enabling them to live a life free from fear and seclusion in their homes, schools, and public. JoinOne began in Texas in 2012 as a collaboration of educators, music entertainers, and supporters committed to preventing the current generation from enduring the bullying that they experienced when they were in school. ARTIST TEEBO, having experienced firsthand the reality of bullying in school, has a strong desire to promote public awareness where every child feels accepted by their peers. 

His music has found a way into the hearts of many with his gritty, smooth, passion and fiery sound. Today, JoinOne is helping to spread the word to stop the bullying and transform it into learning communities which are inclusive of everybody by way of music, education, training, programs, workshops, and recreation that fosters accountability, honesty and resolution.